Responding to the Census: should it be mandatory?

Hot topics about Population Census: how to convince people to respond to the interview?

Although the researchers and census users normally do not have much information about the census operations, one of the most challenger points to statistical institutes that carry out the census is how to convince people to respond the interviews. Nowadays, with the advance of demographic transition, this problem is getting more serious, when there is a decrease of the number of people that stay at home to receive the interviewers, as the women are more involved at the job market, couples have few children and there is a high percentage of people living alone.

A recent polemic from Canada revive this issue. Reinstating the 2016 mandatory long form census in Canada may be problematic, as the census has become politicized and participating in the census becoming a statement of one’s political affiliation and not a civic obligation more…

From some national institutes:

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